Ralph Rickenbach, Contributor

Ralph Rickenbach is a coach, pastor in exile, blogger, and iconoclast. His writings are around personality assessments and a new take on the biblical narrative. Ralph coaches and writes in English and German. He is the author of “The Unfiltered Thoughts of a Pastor in Exile: a toolbox to deconstruct your faith without losing it”.

Articles by Ralph Rickenbach

  1. A Spiritual Journey

    Spiral Dynamics, argues the co-leader of Third Factor’s new spiritual development group, offers a framework for making sense of positive disintegration — as he illustrates through his own experience of disintegrating out of his own fundamentalist church’s hierarchy of values.

  2. Through Chaos, Toward Community

    When there are rules and taboos that prevent true fellowship, is there a path out of this stifling pseudo-community? Ralph Rickenbach blends the insights of M. Scott Peck and Kazimierz Dabrowski to navigate through the chaos.