Author: Roland S. Persson

Roland S. Persson, Ph.D., is professor of educational psychology at Jönköping University, Sweden, currently in the University's Human Resources Program. Once a Western classical piano performer, his interests developed into music behavior, talent and giftedness, and universal and cross-cultural behavior. He is a consultant to the Swedish and Hungarian governments on issues of talent and giftedness in education, and one of few devoted to giftedness, rather than talent, as a constituent of talent management.

The Confusing Life of Being Too Different

It’s fashionable to argue that it’s better to fight for something and die trying than to surrender and admit defeat. In this article, Roland Persson argues that while we believe this for a reason, it’s not because of objective knowledge of human behavior. So what’s an extremely gifted person to do? Persson offers some thoughts on the pursuit of happiness for those who are simply never going to fit in.

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