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The Third Factor team is delighted to announce
our first-ever positive disintegration fiction contest!

As a writer herself, it struck our editor in chief that Kazimierz Dabrowski’s theory of positive disintegration is something like the hero’s journey.  It offers fertile grounds for both person vs. self and person vs. society conflicts—or perhaps even more interestingly, the interweaving of those two classic threads.  The specialized vocabulary and complex ideas of the theory, however, make it a challenge to share with people, even if they might love the ideas contained within it. That’s why we thought it might be fun to encourage fiction that brings these rich and complex ideas to life.

So we’ve decided to hold a contest.

We’re looking for engaging fiction that illustrates themes from the theory of positive disintegration.  We want fiction that shows rather than tells us about positive disintegration and reintegration.  And we’re willing to pay for it!

Key Details

  • The Deadline: Entries received by Sunday, January 19, 2020 will receive first consideration.  If we don’t receive anything that our panel deems worthy of the prize, we will extend the deadline.
  • The Length: As long or as short as it needs to be.  The only guidance is that if your submission is too long to read in one sitting, it had better be intriguing enough that the average distracted modern reader remembers it and wants to come back and finish it.
  • The Prize: We’re offering $100 US for the best story, as selected by our panel, and $25 for any honorable mentions.
  • The Judges: The winners will be selected by a panel including Third Factor‘s entire editorial team (there are three of us at present), at least one loyal Third Factor reader with knowledge of the theory of positive disintegration, and a published novelist.

Some Tips and Encouragement

Not an expert in the theory?  That’s not a problem!  You’ve got some time to get a basic understanding, which is all you’ll need.  We suggest you start by reading our back issues (which you can find complete with descriptions in the drop-down menu at right) as well as any of the books or online material explaining basic concepts from the theory of positive disintegration.  We encourage you to pay particular attention to our introduction to levels and dynamisms.

Any story that bubbles up into your brain as you mull over these ideas is what we want to see.  We’ll offer only one hint: work the dynamisms into your story.  These are the key forces of positive disintegration, and they’re what we most want to see illustrated.  You need not, however, expressly name them with Dabrowski’s terms.  In fact, it probably will be better not to (though you may find cause to go against that guidance).

How to Enter

To enter, follow the link below.  You will be prompted to enter your name, email address, a URL (optional), and upload a document.

Submit Your Story Here

If you have any trouble submitting your entry, contact us at editor at third factor dot org and we’ll help you out.

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Thanks for your interest, and we’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with!