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We here at Third Factor believe we’re on to something big.  That’s why we’re willing to dedicate hundreds of hours a month to our mission.  But it will take more than our dedication to make Third Factor a success.  The fact is, it will take money.  We need funds to cover our hosting costs and add special features to our site; to publicize our work to others who have never heard of positive disintegration but will recognize it when they read about it; to live up to our ideals and eventually pay the writers who contribute to our magazine; and perhaps, if anything’s left over, to compensate our editor-in-chief, who otherwise works as a freelance writer, and our executive editor, who is a doctoral student.  They’re donating their time to this project because they believe that Kazimierz Dabrowski created a theory that was ahead of its time—and that its time is now.

If you believe that too, then we invite you to become a patron of Third Factor.

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