Member Group: The Young Adults' Group


Now Accepting Applications!

This group will go live in February 2023. See the application information at the bottom of the page.

Have you ever found yourself bored to death in class, the only one who wanted intellectual challenge? Are you someone who loves to debate the pros and cons of every angle, who can feel empathy strongly for all sides, or who has a unique story you’re trying to explain? Have you found your head filled with creations, and wanted to share, improve, and find a productive purpose for these? Someone who wants to explore strong emotions or with a passion to find answers? Someone with an eye for detail, a love of the small things, and a constant energy that’s put to work into nonstop projects, goals, and early submissions before the deadline? And maybe someone who finds their quirkiness, while uncommon in the mainstream world, is also out of place in mainstream approaches attracting those in need of psychological help?

If you relate to most of those—so far, so good.  But we have one other question: did you notice that each of these questions didn’t simply present a quirk, but pushed it towards productivity and elevation?

If that appeals to you, we invite you to join this group for young adults going through positive disintegration. There are other groups for creative, quirky people who just want some understanding; it’s a lot harder to find those that are focused on solutions and growth. That’s why Third Factor contributor Margo Margan is launching this group.  It’s for those who have thought, Wait, I’m not “depressed,” I just have some values I need to sort out! The framework of positive disintegration encourages us to use these feelings to find direction. You aren’t locked into your trying times forever; rather, you learn what’s causing them and where you need to go next.  No previous understanding of the theory of positive disintegration is required; group leader Margo will offer Zooms to introduce the fundamentals.

If you’re age 16-25 and looking to put your spirit toward constructive action—to dedicate yourself to something alongside kindred spirits, and to keep moving upward—please join us.

A Word From the Group Founder

I know how it can get exhausting to dive too much into theory-jargon, and how it can be both wonderful and frustrating to enter a group that’s full of people much older than you. I promise it’s not going to be weird like that. And while it’s nice to connect with people your age as a way to try out our small group, hey, there’s a lot we can learn from all generations, and a lot all generations want to learn from us. So let’s bring our strong foundation into the table and keep building up our projects, building connections, and building bridges.

—Margo Margan

What We’ll Do Together

  • For our initial launch, Margo will lead a 5-session weekly Zoom intro session providing both an introduction to Third Factor as well as an opportunity for us to get to know each other, face to face. Each session will cover a different topic (schedule subject to change depending on members’ interests): Intro, Intellect, Imagination, Intuition/Integration, and Interconnection. 
  • You’ll also have access to a written forum of similar-aged peers to discuss your experiences with others who understand your current perspective. Share with others what it’s like as a gifted, intense, or uncommon young adult. Share and promote interests, intellects, and imaginations, finding others to dive deep with hobbies, interests, and passions. Respond to icebreaker prompts like creating playlists, sharing creative works, interests, or intellectual pursuits, and other similar regular, active engagement.
  • We will offer re-runs of the welcome Zooms and intro sessions when new members who join the group.
  • Members are invited to create forum threads as hubs for all their personal projects. 
  • We’ll talk about how to spread the Third Factor mission to the younger generation and how to bring the Gen Z experience into discussions at TF.

Membership Requirements

  • Members must be age 25 or younger.
  • Members must join out of their own interest. We do not accept parent applications or members sent as an assignment from a parent/therapist. (Recommendations from others are fine as long as you are genuinely interested.)
  • To join our present structure, members must commit to attending the five weekly Zoom sessions. (As long as you are on time for the majority of the meetings, you should be fine if you need to miss a day or join/leave early occasionally.) We will strive to schedule these at a time that works for as many as possible, running multiple Zoom groups if needed.
  • If you join after the group’s formal launch, we will find a way to work you into our group and catch you up later on the Zooms. We will ask all members to meet us for at least one voice or video welcome meeting

Special Policies

  • Those who age out of the group are encouraged to participate in the broader Third Factor community, which is open to all members of this group.
  • To get to know the group leader and see Third Factor through her eyes, check out her review of the magazine in her blog.

To request membership, please fill out our application form. All members must be members of the larger Third Factor community or willing to join upon acceptance.

Contact: Margo Margan via DM in the forum or email