Join the Third Factor editorial team!

Third Factor Magazine is seeking volunteer editors to help develop content for the website.  We are delighted to consider any interested candidate, but because of the nature of what we can offer our editors, this opportunity is likely to be particularly suited to undergraduate or graduate English or creative writing majors with an interest in psychology—and specifically, the theory of positive disintegration. (No prior knowledge of the theory is required, but an interest in learning certainly is!)  Another great candidate might be a person who’s already secure in his or her career and whose interests and expertise are a good fit for Third Factor, as editorial team members will have the opportunity to help shape the course of the magazine and develop lines of content in their area of interest.

Depending on your expertise and level of commitment, you may come on board as an assistant or associate editor, with the opportunity to be promoted to senior or managing editor after successfully working on multiple issues.

The specifics for the role are as follows:


  • Work with Third Factor contributors on multiple rounds of editing to make their piece engaging and accessible to non-expert readers
  • Depending on your availability, your participation may range from guest-editing an entire issue (with the editor in chief’s assistance), or take on only one article per issue
  • Optional: Help come up with themes for future issues and reach out to potential contributors to invite them to contribute articles or interviews
  • Optional: Review pitches for proposed articles and help make a call on whether they’re a good fit for Third Factor

Note that proofreading is not necessarily required; we have a volunteer copy editor who will review drafts after the author and content editor are finished with their work.

Required Qualifications

  • Strong writing skills
  • Experience workshopping and/or developing other people’s written work in which you have engaged the following skills:
    • Identifying the key theme of a draft and helping an author add what’s missing and cut what’s superfluous
    • Diplomatic communication skills
  • Ability to work with subject matter experts who are not experienced writers and/or with non-native English speakers to develop clear, crisp prose that fits Third Factor‘s voice and style

Desired Qualifications

  • A basic understanding of the field of psychology (A major or minor is not required; self-taught counts.  You need not be the expert on the content; you only need enough comfort with the field to lend the content expert your own expertise in the written word.)
  • Ability and comfort in developing a piece even if you do not agree with its argument
  • Assistance promoting and fundraising for Third Factor is strongly encouraged, but not required


Third Factor has a fledgling Patreon account, but at the moment, it’s not enough to offer meaningful monetary compensation.  What you’ll get instead out of this deal are the following:

  • Professional biographic blurb published on our editorial team page and addition of Third Factor editorial role to your resume or LinkedIn profile
  • Letters of reference attesting to your skills as a timely, thoughtful editor
  • An opportunity to help shape a young magazine’s course and promote content in your area of interest
  • Potential for actual monetary bonus if and when we get contributions through PayPal or Patreon

To Apply

Send an email to jessie at thirdfactor dot org addressing the following:

  • Why are you interested in the role?
  • How do you meet the qualifications?  Include an example of work that you’ve edited and/or a sample of your own written work.
  • What is your availability?  Are you interested in only editing a single article every two months, or can you volunteer for the optional duties above?

Please also feel free to reach out with any questions about the role.  This is a flexible opportunity that can be scoped to your level of interest and the time you have available.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Thank you for your interest!  We look forward to hearing from you.