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Stephanie Winn is an Oregon-based Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, writer, and the host of the newly launched podcast, You Must Be Some Kind of Therapist. In her free time she enjoys music, dance, family, and the great outdoors.

Hannah is a writer and student of the human condition. She is particularly interested in mental health and environmental sustainability, and believes the theory of positive disintegration can help shift the planet (and its residents) to a more viable future.

Ralph Rickenbach is a coach, pastor in exile, blogger, and iconoclast. His writings are around personality assessments and a new take on the biblical narrative. Ralph coaches and writes in English and German.

Based in London, Neil's career has spanned computer programming, corporate banking, international sustainable development, education, and psychotherapy. He is fascinated by the role of autonomy and individual sovereignty in creating healthy communities.

He's currently focusing on distributed cognition and cryptocurrency as models of network intelligence and the intra- and inter-personal skills that afford creative problem solving in complex environments.

Alexis Obernauer is a life coach and strategic communications professional. She seeks to help high-potential individuals opt out of restrictive social norms and instead pursue paths aligned with their gifts and interests. She supports Third Factor with strategic planning, ideation, and high-level editing, using acumen she developed through her international career in the financial services industry.

Freelance journalist Rick Heller reported for the Lowell Sun and been has been published in the Washington Post, Boston Globe, and a number of magazines. Rick writes a newsletter on Substack and tweets as @MindfulModMA.

Ilana is an enthusiastic wellness advocate and free spirit. With a certification from Concordia University’s ICF accredited program, she works as a Self-Attunement and Somatic Coach. Ilana has personal and professional experience in the health and wellness industry, and she uses her advanced understanding of the importance of body-mind communion to guide her clients and loved ones to integrated states of wholeness.

Karen Nilsen is an author, poet, and mischief maker at large. She writes fantasy novels and slips away to other realms when her seven cats are napping.