Our Mission

We aim to offer thought-provoking content to the world’s creators and catalysts, to inspire and empower these intense souls to do what they are on Earth to do.

Third Factor takes as its foundation the Theory of Positive Disintegration (TPD), developed by Kazimierz Dabrowski (1902-1980).  TPD is a perfect theory for today’s zeitgeist, which is why our first issue, slated for mid to late 2018, will explore TPD and show why it matters to our readers, who probably have never have heard of it before.  Its idea of “positive maladjustment” is sure to resonate with many: we face an epidemic of depression, anxiety, and general alienation, and we’re simultaneously witnessing springs of hope and desire for change in the form of nascent social movements—political, spiritual, and humanistic.  By spreading the ideas of TPD with the mainstream outside of academia, we can contribute to these positive and transformative trends.  We want to help our readers reintegrate at a higher internal level so that they can, in turn, help raise the level of our society.

To this end, we’ll include some content that expressly discusses positive disintegration, introducing its ideas in simple language without simplifying the content of this complex theory.  We’ll also have lots of articles that don’t discuss TPD directly, but that are ripe with overexcitabilities, dynamisms, and inner psychic transformation, showing rather than telling what it means to reintegrate at a higher level—and helping those who are going through the process feel a little less lonely and a little more hope.

The theme of our first issue will be “Positive Disintegration: A Theory for Our Time.”  A few of our possible future themes, or just interesting topics for articles, include the following:

  • Positive maladjustment and our mental health epidemic
  • Levels of development and their various roles in social disintegration
  • Psychological studies of human catalysts
  • Role models: ancient and modern, and their role in a maladjusted society
  • The role of spirituality in disintegration and reintegration
  • The creative experience
  • Gifted adulthood
  • Living the dream: a how-to, with safety warnings

Interested in helping us get this project off the ground?  Wonderful!  Here’s a list of all the ways you might be able to help.