Episode 2: Of Sophists, Mensheviks, and Cassandras with Marie

Jessie / August 24, 2023

What do we mean when we talk about the life of the mind? What is the “intellect” and how can we use it well? What are some of the hurdles that intellectually inclined people face these days—and that they’ve faced throughout history? Jessie and community member Marie set the stage for one of our key themes with a 30,000 overview.

Note: The audio quality in this episode is not quite what we want it to be.  It was an early episode, and the first to present an audio quality challenge.  We think we’ve figured out how to avoid this for future episodes, but this one was such a good conversation that we went ahead and released it anyway.  We hope it’s worth it to you!

Show Notes

  • The book we’re discussing on September 17. 2023 is This Star Shall Abide by Sylvia Engdahl (also published as Heritage of the Star).  You can get it here or as part of a trilogy. (Please note that these are sponsored links.)
  • If you’d like to read more about the book first, here’s an article about it from an early issue of Third Factor Magazine.
  • Theme music from TELL YOUR STORY music by ikson™.