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by Jessie Mannisto / April 26, 2022

Springtime Community Zooms

What’s on tap for members to discuss in April, May, and June? All you need to know is right here.

With gratitude to the community for your feedback and especially to our volunteers for helping get them up and running, I am delighted to announce our community zooms for the rest of Spring 2022!

What Are Community Zooms?

These events are for community members at the $5 per month level and up. We have two types:

The Open Zoom has no limit on participants and is an open forum to discuss anything related to Third Factor or that you think might resonate in this community. We’ve had a blast at our last two and would love for you to join us! We’re hosting two of those this spring:

  • Wednesday, May 18 at 3pm Eastern (UTC -4) / Noon Pacific / 8 pm UK
  • Sunday, June 12, at 1 pm Eastern / 10 Pacific / 6 pm UK

Small Group Discussions, on the other hand, are anchored in specific articles or groups of related articles. We keep them small (currently limited to 6 participants in addition to a moderator) to ensure that everyone gets ample opportunity to speak. We’ll introduce each session in depth later in this article, including links to the suggested readings, but here’s a quick list in image format:

We know that time zones are an issue and that very often, a small group discussion may be offered at a time that isn’t convenient to some readers who want to attend. In this case, please let us know that you’re interested, ideally by going to community forum space for the event and posting a comment letting us know you’d like to attend but can’t make it because of the time zone. We’ll re-run popular sessions in the future at different times. We’re also happy to offer sessions for those of you in Australia, New Zealand, and East Asia if we hear from some who are interested.

How Do I Sign Up?

First, if you’re not yet a community member, head on over to Patreon to sign up at the $5/month tier or above. Please allow 48 hours for us to manually add you to the forum. (Once we raise enough money to pay for the software, we’ll automate this process. However, we invite you to email us if you’re finding this just before an event and need to make sure we turn this around fast!)

Once you’ve done that, you just need to RSVP. We’re now collecting RSVPs through our community platform at community.thirdfactor.org. Once you join and we add you to the forum, you can RSVP directly in the Community Zoom space.

More About the Small Group Sessions

Our volunteer events team has put together a variety of sessions based on the interest the rest of you have expressed. Before we introduce them, there’s one thing we want to make clear: these sessions are grassroots discussions, which is to say that they are not run by trained therapists or other experts. We understand that most of our conversation will be between friends, not with experts—and that’s what we offer in these sessions. We invite you to share your own experience and to ask questions.

If you’re wondering about the rules, we’re working on a formal code, though we haven’t needed it yet; in the meantime, we suggest Neil Barnes’ guidelines on community from our April issue.

Without further ado, here are the sessions:

Positive vs Negative Maladjustment and the Driving Forces Behind Each

Thursday, April 28 at 5pm Eastern (UTC -4) / 2pm Pacific / 10pm UK

You know you’re maladjusted—but how do you know if it’s positive or negative? In this discussion, moderated by therapist Jeff Fullington, we’ll explore some ways to answer this question. Is it trauma? Do I have a disorder? How much is the environment to blame and what can I do about it?

Here are some articles that will guide our discussion:

Gender and Positive Disintegration

Thursday, May 12, at 3pm Eastern (UTC -4) / Noon Pacific / 8 pm UK

How do gifted, creative, or abstract intense people experience gender? What do we know about this from historical research? How should we interpret this in our own lives? Why do some people identify with a gender while others do not? If overexcitability affects our experience of gender, how will that experience evolve as we experience positive disintegration? We will invite people of all perspectives on gender to share their experiences. This will be an exploratory “brave space” to discuss why or why not different paradigms on gender work for each of us.


Exploring Dabrowski’s Dynamisms: Subject-Object in Oneself

Wednesday, May 25, at 7pm Eastern (UTC -4) / 4 pm Pacific / Midnight (May 26) UK

We’ll introduce this dynamism with excerpts from Dabrowski’s primary sources, talk about how it connects to some other key ideas (including the third factor, shame, empathy, responsibility), and then explore how we think this dynamism might apply in our own experiences. What does the split look like for different people? Parents and child? Light and dark personality parts? How does it arise from and lead to empathy and compassion? How does it relate to political polarization and tribal-mindedness?


Trauma and Adversity as Drivers for Positive Disintegration

Thursday, June 23 at 6pm Eastern (UTC -4) / 3 pm Pacific / 11pm UK

If you have experienced some kind of trauma, it can feel like you’re trapped beneath an ice sheet trying to break through. What is the interplay between overexcitability and the experience of trauma—which is the chicken and which is the egg? Our goal for this session will be to dive into what Dabrowski called the second factor, namely, nurture and our enviornments. This grassroots discussion, led by Third Factor Community member Sandra Helen Skjærvø, will start by defining what we mean by “trauma” before exploring how these negative experiences have shaped each of us as human beings. We’ll also look at what we can do to overcome these experiences.

Have questions or need help? Email us. We look forward to seeing you in the Zooms!

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