Personality Ideal

Are We Voters or Are We Fans? Away from Factionalism, Toward a Politics of Empathy

When politics becomes a fandom, argues Merrill Miller, everyone ultimately loses. But there are ways to bring people around to your perspective—if only you can spare a little empathy.

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Therapy for the Highly Gifted and Highly Excitable An Interview with P. Susan Jackson

You’ve got noteworthy abilities. Complex emotions. Acute perception. A tremendous capacity for nuance. And yet, you’re pulling yourself apart at the seams.

Sound like someone you know? Then you’ll want to read this interview with P. Susan Jackson of the Daimon Institute.

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An Introduction to Dabrowski’s Levels and Dynamisms

Dabrowski’s hierarchy of levels is one of the most well-known aspects of his theory of positive disintegration. But what’s really going on in those levels? And what are those “dynamism” things, anyway? The editors of Third Factor Magazine explain the basics here.

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