Third Factor Goes Bimonthly

Greetings, readers!  If you’ve paid close attention to when we’ve been releasing new issues, you’re probably wondering where Issue Five is, since on our monthly schedule, it would have been published a few days ago.

What’s happened is that we’ve made the decision to publish bimonthly issues instead of monthly.  It comes down to a decision to focus on the quality of our articles rather than their quantity.  In keeping with this, Jessie is working with several new authors with unique perspectives and creative takes to develop their ideas for both the Jan/Feb and Mar/Apr issues; simultaneously, she’s in the midst of interviews for not one but two pieces for the Jan/Feb issue that are sure to get you thinking about intensity and disintegration from new angles.

In fact, this switch to bimonthly issues is a return to our original plan.  We decided to try monthly issues after so many people contributed content for our two-issue series on overexcitability (which, yes, was originally going to run as a single issue).  But as we get into more complex topics, we expect to have fewer voices contributing pieces that require more time and effort on both the authors’ and editors’ parts.  So this decision makes sense to us, and we hope it’s one that will provide something more worthwhile for you, too.  Nevertheless, we apologize for the delay.

There are also, of course, a batch of holidays this month, so to give our contributors space for cheer and relaxation, we’ll plan to release our next issue in January.  A few of you have told us that you want to read our articles and just haven’t had a chance, so now’s your chance!  We’re honored by your readership.

We wish you and yours the warmest greetings of the season, and look forward to sharing rich and thought-provoking articles with you in 2019.