Upcoming Themes

Are you a writer interested in exploring experiences of intensity and positive disintgration, but not sure where to start?  Consider our upcoming issue themes and see if they spark an idea.  Then send us your article pitch!  We don’t have dates set for the following themes yet and will run with whichever gets a critical mass of stories first.

SPIRITUALITY AND REINTEGRATION.  Spiritual experiences, whether in organized religion or outside of it, are frequent themes in stories of reintegration.  Is a religious faith or a “spiritual but not religious” element part of your story of personal growth and transformation?  Show us how and why.

AGENCY. How does having—or lacking—control over your life influence our experiences of disintegration and reintegration?  We’re looking for stories of personal experiences, argumentative essays, and whatever else you might think of to highlight how one’s sense of control, freedom, or (dis)empowerment affected their well-being, and, ideally, how they managed to overcome a perceived lack of agency.  It could be in a personal relationship, in the workplace, in school, in a community, in politics, or anywhere else you might name.

COMMUNITY AND RELATIONSHIPS. Where did you find them?  How did you find them?  Why can’t you find them?  What can we quirky, intense people do in a society where loneliness has become an epidemic?

A SENSE OF PLACE. Tell us about the place or geographically-linked culture that has shaped you and why.  Draw on your emotional and sensory overexcitability to transport us to that place and show us why it matters in your story of disintegration, in shaping your personality ideal, or in living authentically.

TWICE-EXCEPTIONALITY. People who are both gifted and disabled are sometimes described as being “twice exceptional.”  We’ll discuss mental health and neurological or physiological diagnoses among gifted, intense people, including cases where diagnoses are helpful and those where they are somehow mistaken or counterproductive.

Stories that do not fit these themes are also welcome at any time.  Not every article in a given issue must fit the theme.

Email editor at thirdfactor dot org with questions and queries.  Thank you!