Author: Chris Wells

Chris Wells, Ph.D., is Director of Qualitative Research for the Institute for the Study of Advanced Development/Gifted Development Center. She is an educational psychologist, author, and parent of a twice-exceptional son.

Third Factor Reads: Mellow Out by Michael M. Piechowski

Executive Editor Chris Wells describes how Michael Piechowski’s Mellow Out opened doors for her to understand herself as a gifted person, and showed her the way forward in studying overexcitability as an academic.

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The Overexcitable Experience A Letter from the Editors for Issues 2 and 3

What does it mean to be “overexcitable?” Where are we most likely to find these people? And why is it an important part of the experience of positive disintegration? Third Factor’s editors offer a basic introduction to Dabrowski’s overexcitabilities.

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Overexcitability: Where It Came From, Where It’s Going

To navigate the controversy that has erupted around overexcitability—is it related to giftedness? Is it misused as excuse, or a reason not to seek needed help?—it’s useful to step back and see what it means in the context of the theory that gave it its name.

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