Member Groups


If you join Third Factor at the Community Member Tier, you’ll receive an invitation to our members’ forum. While much of our conversation takes place in our Community Square, you’ll also have an opportunity to join small groups. These are private spaces with their own subculture, allowing those with something more in common connect over a shared activity or purpose.

So what might those be? Glad you asked. Here are our current offerings, with more always bubbling up as members find new things in common. Click on any header for more details and instructions for joining.

Hierarchy of Values: Debate & Discussion

Working out an autonomous, authentically held hierarchy of values is a core part of a positive disintegration – but the best way to do that is through good faith conversation. Members of this group engage in formal debates and informal conversations about sometimes controversial topics with the mutual pursuit of truth as the goal. Learn more.

The Third Factor Writers’ Circle

Fiction is a powerful way to work out your values and share your ideas about the higher path in life. If you’re a creative person who believes in our mission, come share your work with us and receive feedback in return! Learn more.

The Doers’ Group

It’s great to sit around and think and theorize, but the real way we make an impact for good on the world is by Doing the Thing. If you have a serious project, come join this group of Doers, bouncing ideas off each other, getting feedback and moral support. Learn more.

The Third Factor Parents’ Circle

Raising children isn’t easy for anyone, but for parents of sensitive, intense children – parents who may themselves be sensitive and intense – there’s a special sort of challenge. In this group, such parents come together to support each other and pool their wisdom. Learn more.

A Spiritual Journey

This group, led by a minister and a seminary student, is for curious, open-minded humans of all (or no) faith, beginning or deepening their spiritual journey. They start from the following belief: positive disintegration is spiritual development. Learn more.