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One of Kazimierz Dabrowski’s students explains the workings of the third factor of development and compares it to other frameworks.

Richard Dawkins and Scott Barry Kaufman are both seeing what our editor in chief is seeing: a shift in culture that it’s up to us to resist.

One of the great essayists of the early twentieth century reminds our readers, whom we trust will appreciate it, of the beauty to be found in ordinary things.

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It’s a crazy world out there.  That’s why our top reader request was to establish a community where creatives and catalysts, incorrigible questioners and everyday visionaries, seekers of capital-T Truth and aspiring Doers of Things can connect with one another and compare notes.  We're an ideologically diverse and intellectually driven group, but what we share is a drive to determine, articulate, and defend what we value in the world, and then figure out how to take action to bring that into being. If you see yourself in one or more of these descriptions—or if you just like what you read in our magazine or hear in our podcast—we may just be your tribe.

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Community Corner

When there are rules and taboos that prevent true fellowship, is there a path out of this stifling pseudo-community? Ralph Rickenbach blends the insights of M. Scott Peck and Kazimierz Dabrowski to navigate through the chaos.

What skills do we need to contribute to healthy communities? Author Neil Barnes has teased out five foundational abilities.

You asked. We answered. What is this thing we named our magazine after, and what are the first and second factors? And why is this concept from Kazimierz Dabrowski’s theory of positive disintegration so much more important than his more well-known construct of overexcitability?

What Members Are Saying

I am not exaggerating by saying that Third Factor has significantly changed the course of my life. The informative and relatable articles helped me come to terms with (and even appreciate!) the painful parts of my past. And the welcoming, stimulating community demonstrates how I can best leverage my excitable nature to do good in the world.

- Alexis O.

What Members Are Saying

I just love this group! I’ve never experienced anything quite like it! So, thank you!! (Everyone I know has now heard me blab about your magazine!)

What you are offering here is a beacon of light for so many of us.

- Andra C.

What Members Are Saying

Posting [on normal social media feels] like walking out my door and reciting a poem quietly and then walking back into my home. Posting on Third Factor is doing it in a neighborhood coffee shop where if you don’t know everybody you’re going to get to know everybody. Just the act of being able to share things that I find value in with people who I find value with, commented upon or not is precious. It’s precious because it’s rare. It’s rare because we are.

- Peter D.

What Members Are Saying

So…you feel a bit weird and think and feel an awful lot. Such misfits need a community. That’s why Third Factor feels like home. It’s a place where I can discuss Emily Dickinson on a Zoom call, and explore how emotional trauma could even be transformative. There are people around to nerd out on the Cold War or provide support when you’re feeling overwhelmed. I love it, because there isn’t a playbook; for me it’s about bright, thoughtful people who want to be a force for good, period. If that sounds like you, join us!

- Marie