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You might be wondering, “Why is a positive disintegration community concerned with spiritual development?”

We argue they are the actually same thing.

Positive disintegration is the process of transcending a conditioned, ego-led existence and becoming an altruistic, values-driven human. As it happens, this path of individuating and awakening is also the goal of the world’s major wisdom traditions. Indeed, the most-cited level V exemplars are spiritual or religious leaders, like Jesus, Buddha, and Mother Theresa, to name a few.

Although Third Factor types are wired toward existential and transcendent realities, the “incorrigible questioner” disposition is not always welcomed in communities of faith. As such, our group exists to support the meandering, truth-seeking spiritual journeys of this unique population. 

Leveraging writing prompts, Zoom discussions, spiritual and secular texts, recommended practices, and an open forum, members will share their learnings and accompany each other on their unique quests to find meaning and move toward secondary integration. 

To be sure, this group is not organized around a specific religion or belief system. Rather, it draws from all faith and philosophical traditions to help members connect to the higher purpose and perspective that feels most authentic to them.

To guide the conversation, the group will be moderated by Ralph Rickenbach, a lay pastor and coach serving the gifted, and Alexis Obernauer, a seminary student and life/career coach.

Membership Requirements

This group is for:

  • Curious, open-minded humans capable of engaging in good-faith discussion
  • Those experiencing multilevel disintegration who are looking to shift from spontaneous to directed development
  • Those who have managed to organize and direct their disintegration and are interested in sharing their wisdom as they continue refining their ideals
  • Those who are beginning their spiritual journey and looking for exposure to varied beliefs and practices
  • Those seeking to deepen or refresh established spiritual beliefs and practices
  • Those who seek a group setting to learn, share, process, and give and receive support on their spiritual path

This group is not for:

  • Those who rigidly adhere to a single doctrine or worldview
  • Evangelists or proselytizers
  • Anyone experiencing acute psychological crisis. While this group will have therapeutic benefits, its primary focus is spiritual development
  • Lurkers. Although we understand that individuals might initially observe to get familiar with the culture, we do expect somewhat active participation from members—as a loose guideline, at least one personal submission and one response to someone else each week

Questions about whether you’re a fit? Reach out to Ralph Rickenbach or Alexis Obernauer via direct message in the forum and ask!

How to Apply

The first step is to join the Third Factor community at the Community Member Tier. If you’re at the Subscriber Tier, please log in to and upgrade.

For those already subscribed at the Community Member level, please log in to our forum. Click on the group “Spiritual Journey” and apply. You will then receive a brief intake form to learn more about your background, goals, and needs. This light screening is helpful in identifying members who are serious and committed to engaging in good faith.

Launch Date

The group will formally kick-off with a Zoom call on Sunday, March 5 from noon-1:00 PM EST (UTC -5).  You can find the URL in the Community Zooms space on our member forum; it will also be emailed to you automatically when you RSVP.  Attendance at the kickoff call is not required to join the group, but we’d love to see you there nonetheless!