Write for Us

Third Factor is always looking for new voices.  We want publish stories of living with intensity; the experience of giftedness across the lifespan; growing as a divergent, creative, unusual person; and positive disintegration and reintegration.  We also publish interviews on these topics.  If you’re new to Third Factor, we encourage you to look through our back issues (see the drop-down menu in the right-hand column) and think about how your story might fit our niche.  Be sure to also check out our upcoming themes, noting that these are designed to inspire and not to limit.  We want to hear your idea for an article even if it doesn’t really fit any of the themes.

We Pay Our Writers

We’re delighted to announce that beginning with Issue 8, we pay a small amount (beginning at $25 per article) for professional-quality pieces.  We are on a tight budget, so if you are paid to do some job other than writing and do not need the financial support, we also gratefully accept donated works.  (Please specify when you submit your pitch that you are offering a donation; we won’t assume so otherwise.)

If you have a story that you’d like to share but are not a skilled writer, we can arrange for a member of our editorial team to work closely with you to develop your piece.  Please note that in these cases, we generally do not pay for the piece, but we do enjoy helping people develop their stories and their writing skills, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

How to Submit

We’ve put together a guide that walks you through the process of publishing with us, starting with directions on pitching your idea to our editors, through the editorial process to the publication and promotion of your article.

Support Our Writers

If you’re not interested in writing for us yourself but value the work that our writers do, would you consider becoming a monthly supporter on Patreon or making a one-time or recurring donation through PayPal?  We’ll put it toward bringing you the highest quality content possible.  Thank you!