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Donate Your Writing

Third Factor is nothing without our writers!  But we have to be honest with you: we don’t have the resources to pay our authors—yet.  (If you’d like to help us address that problem, would you consider becoming a patron?)  So right now, we’re looking for advocates of Kazimierz Dabrowski’s theory of positive disintegration (TPD) who are willing to donate their labor as writers to help us demonstrate proof of concept.

How to Submit

Pitches should be in the form of a short paragraph and/or outline describing your idea, no more than 250 words.  Occasionally we receive full drafts written on spec; while we’re grateful for such enthusiasm, looping us in at the beginning means less work for you and for us, which naturally increases the odds that your piece gets accepted.

Contact us with your pitch, and please specify that you’re offering your piece as a donation.  (We don’t take that part for granted.)  Be sure to include a rough estimate of the word count you’re envisioning.  Good writing should, of course, be precisely as short or as long as it needs to be.  If it’s over 2,000 words, we might opt publish it in a two-part series or suggest that you break it into separate articles.

What are we looking for?  Here are some suggestions:

Directly Related to the Theory of Positive Disintegration

  • Popularization of psychological research—perhaps your own, perhaps someone else’s—that ties in with or complements TPD and makes it accessible to the educated non-expert.  Think academic content, but popular voice.  (If you’re not fully comfortable with popular voice, our editorial staff can help.  The content’s the main thing.)
  • Personal memoir on positive disintegration and reintegration experiences.  Think content that will help others going through this realize that they’re not alone, and see that others can come out the other side not only intact, but stronger than they were when they started.
  • Biographical studies, much like the memoir but about someone else.  We’re especially interested in role models for aspiring human catalysts.
  • Creative writing that brings to light some element of positive disintegration.  Sometimes fiction is the best way to reveal Truth—and get our imaginational overexcitability flying!

Complementary to the Theory

  • Intellectual debates!  For instance, if you have an opinion on a hot topic—and you’re on good terms with someone who holds an opposing view—we’d love to hear you two talk it out.  We’d like to feature stories where each side gets 400-500 words to make their case, then another 400-500 to respond to the other side.  The key is doing so in good faith and respecting the humanity of the other side, the better to engage our readers’ intellectual OE while keeping their emotional OE from going off in the wrong direction.
  • We’re also open to discussions of current events or the modern world without a debate partner.  Just let us know why you think it relates to reintegration and TPD (even peripherally), and we’ll consider it.
  • Fun side content that appeals to our psychomotor or sensual OEs, including recipes, management strategies, funny anecdotes, or whatever else you might have up your sleeve.
  • Got another idea not on this list?  Pitch it!  If you think our audience would be interested, we’d love to consider it.

Our goal is to start paying writers for articles sooner rather than later.  We’ll eventually have an email address in place for freelancers to pitch articles in exchange for at least a semi-professional rate.  Our editor in chief is a freelancer, so she knows how important that is.  If you’re interested in the topic and want to know when we’ve reached that goal, you might sign up for our mailing list, or check back at this page later this year.

Thank you for considering writing for Third Factor!