Book Club, April 2021: The Righteous Mind

Jessie Mannisto / March 11, 2021

Want to connect with other Third Factor readers over some in-depth content? Join our book discussion group!

As part of our reboot, we’re trying an experiment here at Third Factor: a book club.  We’ll be reading both fiction and non-fiction (though probably somewhat more of the latter) that helps expand our understanding of our key themes.

Our first selection will be Jonathan Haidt’s The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion. It’s a book that the New York Times Book Review called it a “landmark contribution to humanity’s understanding of itself.” Having already read it myself, I can say that it casts both liberals and conservatives in a light that will help readers understand and even sympathize with them no matter where they fall on the political spectrum yourself. I suggested this book because I think it will complement our ongoing discussion of our values and how we sort them out—that process known in the theory of positive disintegration as hierarchization.  It’s surely worth understanding any first factor (i.e., physiological) inputs into our values as part of this process, don’t you think? (And hey, if you don’t think so, you can come tell us why!)

Get Your Copy

You can pick up a copy of the book through any of these links.  The Amazon link is sponsored, meaning a small portion of your purchase will come back to us at Third Factor, but as I enjoy frequenting my local Barnes & Noble, and value used books and the library, I won’t write off people who prefer those options! (Forgive me if you’re outside the United States; I don’t know what the options are in most other countries.)

How to Join Us

We’re starting off our book club with it open to members contributing at the $5/month level and up, though if you wish to participate and can’t afford this contribution, some generous supporters have made financial aid available, so please reach out if you’re in such a situation.

Otherwise, you can join us by becoming a supporter on Patreon or setting up a monthly donation on PayPal. We’ll add you to the forum after you sign up.

We’ll discuss the book mainly through our Circle Community Forum, which means you won’t have to participate in any real-time video calls; however, we’re going to try offering a video-based discussion for those who are interested. We’ll schedule this based on interest that our members express in the forum, doing our best to make sure time zones don’t keep anyone who wants to participate from doing so.

Upcoming Titles

As this is our first title, we’re not sure how long it will take to get through this book, but we do have our next two likely titles lined up: Wired to Create by Scott Barry Kaufman and Carolyn Gregoire will be number two, followed by This Star Shall Abide by Sylvia Engdahl.  We’ve interviewed one of the authors of the former and reviewed the latter, so take a look and see if they interest you.  We’d love to have you join us for the discussion.

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