Category Archives: Issue 2: Harnessing Overexcitability

  1. The Overexcitable Experience

    What does it mean to be “overexcitable?” Where are we most likely to find these people? And why is it an important part of the experience of positive disintegration? Third Factor’s editors offer a basic introduction to Dabrowski’s overexcitabilities.

  2. The Long Journey of the Overexcitable Meditator An Interview with Kate Arms

    If you’ve ever said “Oh, I wish I could meditate, but my mind’s just too active,” then this article’s for you. We sat down with Kate Arms, an experienced meditator and life coach, to discuss how meditation can be helpful to those with overexcitability.

  3. The Positive Disintegration of Robert F. Kennedy, Part II: The Courage to Reintegrate

    After his brother’s assassination, Robert Kennedy faced a disintegration. Though it was brutal, it was also a positive one, demonstrating the power of overexcitability when fueled by high-level courage. Bobby’s ill-fated campaign ultimately showed glimmers of level V, the highest level of personal development.

  4. Third Factor Reads: The Mind Illuminated by Culadasa

    The Mind Illuminated is a great meditation manual that will guide you, step by step, from establishing your practice to achieving tranquility and equanimity. If all you’re looking to do is learn to sustain your focus, it’ll help you with that, too.

  5. An Introduction to Dabrowski’s Levels and Dynamisms

    Dabrowski’s hierarchy of levels is one of the most well-known aspects of his theory of positive disintegration. But what’s really going on in those levels? And what are those “dynamism” things, anyway? The editor of Third Factor Magazine explains the basics here.