Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874-1936) is considered one of the great English-language essayists. We republish his works here because he is decidedly our sort of person, embodying the wit and exuberance that unite Third Factor readers, with a quality that we could not afford to publish, and are therefore delighted by the fact that most of his works are in the public domain. We here at Third Factor believe that G.K. Chesterton has something to say that still matters today, perhaps especially to our readers, and hope to help his work reach a new audience.

Marie teaches the humanities to public school students in Canada, and is currently exploring how the theory of positive disintegration can inform her teaching and personal growth during this polarizing time.

Jason Littlefield is an educator with a career spanning more than twenty years, four countries, and three continents. He crafted and curated Empowered Humanity Theory, a framework for personal well-being and societal cooperation to heal and bridge the present-day divide. He is the Executive Director of EmpowerED Pathways and a co-founder of Free Black Thought.