Ian Simm is a scientist and musician from England. Plagued by a sense of being different, he has researched giftedness, high sensitivity, and overexcitability. He is keen to keep learning and being creative, to promote equality and diversity, and to examine ways of making the world a better place.

Krystyna C. Laycraft holds a MSc in theoretical physics from the University of Warsaw and a PhD in education from the University of Calgary. She is a certified coach practitioner and professional member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. Krystyna offers assistance to troubled and gifted adolescents and young adults and helps them to achieve their potential. She delivers seminars and workshops that include topics related to their psychological development.

Foske is a psychologist and writer specializing in giftedness, parenthood, and education. As a writer, she also likes to focus on the art of living a happy life. She lives in Holland with her partner and their two sons.

Laura Stavinoha is a performer, composer, producer, writer, and coach with the voice at center. As a musician, she has explored styles from baroque to house music to contemporary classical to her own compositions. As a voice coach, Laura combines her knowledge of the voice as an instrument with behavioral therapy and personality theories to put voice coaching in a broader context.

Photo: Jeroen van Amelsvoort Fotografie.

Frank S. Robinson is a graduate of NYU Law School, and was an administrative law judge (1977-97) at the New York Public Service Commission. He is the author of eight books including Albany’s O’Connell Machine (1973), Children of the Dragon (a novel), and The Case for Rational Optimism (2009). Robinson is a professional coin dealer; married to the poet Therese Broderick; and was the first man to walk on the moon.

Dan Greco is an adjunct math professor, professional tutor, trivia geek, and beer drinker.

Boris is a physicist with deep affection and admiration for the arts. He currently lives in Washington, DC, where he resides in an apartment gradually filling with books, string lights, and tools.

A divergent thinker who can't abide an echo chamber, Jessie has served as a CIA leadership analyst, a Google Policy Fellow, assistant the Consul General of Japan in Detroit, and a Segway-riding Mars Rover expert at the 2005 World Expo’s US Pavilion. She is now an writer, editor, and research analyst for private clients.