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Category Archives: Issue 3: Overexcitability & Maladjustment

  1. Therapy for the Highly Gifted and Highly Excitable: An Interview with P. Susan Jackson

    You’ve got noteworthy abilities. Complex emotions. Acute perception. A tremendous capacity for nuance. And yet, you’re pulling yourself apart at the seams.

    Sound like someone you know? Then you’ll want to read this interview with P. Susan Jackson of the Daimon Institute.

  2. “Gifted” in Humble Language: A Japanese Lesson

    No one really likes the word “gifted.” Maybe it’s because we understand that we’re using honorific language to describe ourselves, and even in English, that’s gauche. Could there be neutral, or even humble, words for this thing we call giftedness?

  3. The Embracing Intensity Journey Some Themes in Highly Excitable Lives

    Aurora Remember Holtzman has talked to lots of overexcitable adults for her podcast, Embracing Intensity, and she’s seen some themes in their stories. For starters, though they’ve all learned to channel their intensity in a positive direction, it never started off for them that way.

  4. Third Factor Reads: Mellow Out by Michael M. Piechowski

    Executive Editor Chris Wells describes how Michael Piechowski’s Mellow Out opened doors for her to understand herself as a gifted person, and showed her the way forward in studying overexcitability as an academic.

  5. Learning to Pilot Your Spaceship Autopsychotherapy in the Overexcitable Life

    If you want to make it as a metaphorical overexcitable astronaut, you’ve got to learn to read your instrument panel. That’s what autopsychotherapy is for.