Ilana Grostern, Columnist on the Body

Ilana is an enthusiastic wellness advocate and free spirit. With a certification from Concordia University’s ICF accredited program, she works as a Self-Attunement and Somatic Coach. Ilana has personal and professional experience in the health and wellness industry, and she uses her advanced understanding of the importance of body-mind communion to guide her clients and loved ones to integrated states of wholeness.

Articles by Ilana Grostern

  1. Your Body as a Barometer for Belonging

    Fitting in is merely a simulacrum of belonging—but your body can tell what’s real and what isn’t. Pay attention to the signals it gives you.

  2. Activating the Third Factor through Mind-Body Communion

    It’s great to have a powerful intellect—but not so great to neglect the rest of your self.

    Somatic awareness coach Ilana Grostern explains how she healed the artificial split between her mind and her body to tap into a previously neglected source of knowledge.