Author: Laura Stavinoha

Laura Stavinoha is a performer, composer, producer, writer, and coach with the voice at center. As a musician, she has explored styles from baroque to house music to contemporary classical to her own compositions. As a voice coach, Laura combines her knowledge of the voice as an instrument with behavioral therapy and personality theories to put voice coaching in a broader context. Photo: Jeroen van Amelsvoort Fotografie.

Positive Disintegration and the Pandemic Crisis as an Opportunity for Social Reintegration

Laura Stavinoha applies the theory of positive disintegration to countries facing the pandemic—and explores what it will take to reintegrate them at a higher level.

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Regulate Overexcitability to Empower Your Voice – Part II: The Mind

Voice coach Laura Stavinoha explains how to keep your intense mind from running away with you while you speak, leaving your audience in its dust.

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Regulate Overexcitability to Empower Your Voice – Part I: Emotions

Voice coach Laura Stavinoha shares some methods for keeping your emotions from subtly seeping out through your voice.

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How Overexcitabilities Manifest Through Your Voice

Voice coach Laura Stavinoha can hear your overexcitability in your voice—and she can tell whether it’s empowering you or leaving you vulnerable.

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