Author: Laura Stavinoha

Laura Stavinoha is a performer, composer, producer, writer, and coach with the voice at center. As a musician, she has explored styles from baroque to house music to contemporary classical to her own compositions. As a voice coach, Laura combines her knowledge of the voice as an instrument with behavioral therapy and personality theories to put voice coaching in a broader context. Photo: Jeroen van Amelsvoort Fotografie.

Regulate Overexcitability to Empower Your Voice – Part I: Emotions

Your voice can be your weak spot as well as your strength. In the last issue of Third Factor, I explained how your voice is a barometer that can indicate something is out of balance in another area of your life. I linked this to Dabrowski’s overexcitabilities (OE) and explained how intellectual, imagination, and emotional […]

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How Overexcitabilities Manifest Through Your Voice

I coach voices. That is, people come and see me when they experience a problem with voice or communication. They find it difficult to make themselves heard or feel that they are not always being understood. They might have a hard time expressing themselves or struggle with nervousness when they have to speak in front […]

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