Issue 8: Growth Through Self-Understanding

Our contributors in this issue grow by diving into messy, complex, and sometimes unpleasant truths about themselves.

Reflecting on Ourselves

Dear Readers, Welcome to our September/October 2019 issue!  We’re delighted to feature two returning contributors as well as a new contributor and a new interviewee in this issue. The thread that ties all their stories together is that of reflecting: that essential process through which we come to understand ourselves better, thereby experiencing growth. In Can […]

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Can You Tell You Are Wrong About You? A Cautionary Tale Against Self Diagnosis

Benita diagnosed herself with autism and dyscalculia. With her track record as an expert professional analyst, it was unfathomable to her that she could be wrong.

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A Winding Path to Artisanship An Interview with Pierre Miller of the Desiderata Pen Company

“Starting your own business is a lot of work. It should come as no surprise that ‘entrepreneurship’ is such a long word.” So says Pierre Miller, founder of the Desiderata Pen Company. In this interview, he shares the winding path that led him from his STEM degree to becoming an artisan and a small business owner, and how it required continual work at reintegration.

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Regulate Overexcitability to Empower Your Voice – Part I: Emotions

Voice coach Laura Stavinoha shares some methods for keeping your emotions from subtly seeping out through your voice.

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