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  1. The Drive to Achieve Personality: Dabrowski’s Third Factor in Context

    One of Kazimierz Dabrowski’s students explains the workings of the third factor of development and compares it to other frameworks.

  2. Navigating the Hypersensitive Seas

    Richard Dawkins and Scott Barry Kaufman are both seeing what our editor in chief is seeing: a shift in culture that it’s up to us to resist.

  3. A Piece of Chalk

    One of the great essayists of the early twentieth century reminds our readers, whom we trust will appreciate it, of the beauty to be found in ordinary things.

  4. Meeting the Gifted Child’s Chronically Unmet Needs: The BRIGHTLinks Story

    Their kids found school intellectually lacking and socially fraught. Now these parents are working together to build a social and academic space that meets their profoundly gifted children’s uncommon needs.

  5. School Reimagined: Introducing Buckminster College

    Alumni of the postgraduate School of Thinking wondered why they didn’t learn this stuff earlier. A new school for the gifted is launching to save the next generation some time and trouble.

  6. The Incorrigible Questioner and the Search for Spiritual Belonging

    Is there a place for an incorrigible questioner in a church?

    Our editor in chief, who is not temperamentally inclined to faith, looks for some way to tap into the wisdom and belonging that some of her favorite people have found in organized religion.

  7. Buffered or Porous: Recalibrating Our Mental Filters

    With our modern minds, we’ve grown used to having walls between us and virtually everyone else—except for a few places where the world pours through our buffers and overwhelms us.

    How can we recalibrate? Adam Carrington offers ideas on how we might find balance and growth.

  8. On Certain Modern Writers and the Institution of the Family

    The common defence of the family is that, amid the stress and fickleness of life, it is peaceful, pleasant, and at one. But there is another defence of the family which is possible, and to me evident; this defence is that the family is not peaceful and not pleasant and not at one.

  9. A Spiritual Journey

    Spiral Dynamics, argues the co-leader of Third Factor’s new spiritual development group, offers a framework for making sense of positive disintegration — as he illustrates through his own experience of disintegrating out of his own fundamentalist church’s hierarchy of values.

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