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  1. Navigating the Hypersensitive Seas

    Richard Dawkins and Scott Barry Kaufman are both seeing what our editor in chief is seeing: a shift in culture that it’s up to us to resist.

  2. A Piece of Chalk

    One of the great essayists of the early twentieth century reminds our readers, whom we trust will appreciate it, of the beauty to be found in ordinary things.

  3. Buffered or Porous: Recalibrating Our Mental Filters

    With our modern minds, we’ve grown used to having walls between us and virtually everyone else—except for a few places where the world pours through our buffers and overwhelms us.

    How can we recalibrate? Adam Carrington offers ideas on how we might find balance and growth.

  4. Cultivating Spiritual Community

    Third Factor’s spiritual director, Alexis Obernauer, tells us how her own spiritual journey enabled her to reintegrate and why she’s co-leading a community here that she hopes will help others to do the same.

  5. Toward an Empowered Humanity

    Jason Littlefield put it all on the line to save everything important to him.

    This is the story of how he rebelled against a dehumanizing culture and lost everything—and how he’s rebounded to fight the ideological colonization of our minds.

  6. Abstract Intensity in the Ideological Classroom

    Marie loved helping her abstract intense students hone their ability to question and reason in pursuit of a better world. Then a new political trend hit, making school less friendly to questioners than she’s ever seen it.

  7. Reframing My Struggles with ADHD

    Christina Waggaman was diagnosed with ADHD in high school. But there was more to her psychologist’s evaluation that didn’t interest her–until she started to run into the limits of that diagnostic frame.

  8. Can You Change? The Purpose of the Third Factor

    Neurodivergence is all the rage, especially in creative circles. But, contrary to some people’s expectations, that construct is well beyond the point of this site, if it’s even useful at all.

  9. Lessons From My “Are You My People?!” World Tour

    After an unmirrored youth and alienation in her early career led her to a positive disintegration, Hannah Klein set out to find a community with whom she actually clicked. Starting from scratch, she shares what she’s learned about finding healthy, positively adjusted friends.

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