Margo Margan, Contributor

Margo Margan is an aspiring scriptwriter and board game designer who values hard work, honesty, and responsibility. Having grown up pressured to be “unique,” her positive disintegration led her to discover her authentic love for the standard and to explore the reasons why certain values become standards.

A proud ESTJ, Margo is happiest when leading events and meeting new people, but she also enjoys analyzing obscure fictional characters and taking standardized tests.

Articles by Margo Margan

  1. When You’re Maladjusted to Maladjustment

    How could anyone possibly be maladjusted to a school that’s all about “being yourself?”

  2. Dear Autism: When a Label Is Wrong

    Margo Margan was diagnosed with autism when she was seven years old, in an effort to make her eligible for some extra services.

    But, as it took her years of struggle to realize, she never needed those services in the first place.