Category Archives: Issue 6: Ways Forward

  1. From Buds to Blossoms A Letter from the Editor for Issue Six

    It’s almost cherry blossom season! In the meantime, our authors offer their own ideas on how to reach one’s own personal peak bloom.

  2. The Creative Intelligence Agency A Conversation with a CIA Creativity Instructor

    The Central Intelligence Agency isn’t the sort of place that draws a lot of self-described “creative spirits.” But according to the 9/11 Commission, their presence is sorely needed. How can the CIA—and other highly convergent, formal bureaucracies—best make use of those employees who feel like square pegs in round holes?

  3. Transformative Life Experiences Through the Decision-Making Process

    Emotion fuels our decisions; our decisions, in turn, mark the points in our lives that put us on the higher path. So argues Krystyna Laycraft as she reflects on her own inner psychic transformation while deciding to return to Poland after the fall of Communism.

  4. Sustainable Intensity and Self-Compassion: A Mindful Perspective

    If we’re going to experience “positive disintegration,” does that mean we’re required to be miserable? Dr. Kelly Pryde, a neuropsychologist and coach, suggests mindfulness as a way to balance constructive suffering and damaging breakdown in intense people.

  5. Getting Acquainted with a Stranger

    From her earliest days as an intense, gifted girl, Benita Jeanelle spent her life trying to be who she was expected to be, and to achieve what she was supposed to achieve—until it caused her very personality to fragment.