Author: Foske de Kruijf

Foske is a psychologist and writer specializing in giftedness, parenthood, and education. As a writer, she also likes to focus on the art of living a happy life. She lives in Holland with her partner and their two sons.

The Canary in the Coal Mine How to Use Your Sensitivity as a Compass

Back in the days of coal mining, miners would often bring a caged canary with them down into the mineshafts. The ever-present danger of suffocating from toxic coal fumes, invisible and odorless, meant that the demise or death of this sensitive little bird would alert the miners to the fact that the way forward was […]

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Finding Belonging Through Self-Knowledge One Family's Journey Through Profound Giftedness

Foske de Kruijf shares how her family’s journey through profound giftedness catalyzed connections in new communities and deepened her existing friendships.

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