Issue 10: In Search of Connection

Third Factor readers often speak of their desire to find their tribe.  In our January/February 2020 issue, our contributors share a variety of paths to finding people with whom they can meaningfully engage as bright, intense individuals.

In Search of Connection A Letter from the Editor for Issue 10

Issue 10 is here! Our editor in chief introduces new contributors, previews the articles, and shares some exciting proto-news.

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Why a Novel? Long-Form Fiction as Catharsis for the Intellect

Max Massa was desperate for a way to put overexcitable mind to use for the world—or, failing that, merely to connect with other people who cared ideas. Could he rely on his imagination to make the product of his intellect more meaningful to others?

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Inhibited, Provoking, Despairing, or Thriving? An Interview with Dr. Sonja Falck on High IQ Relational Styles

Are there specific relationship challenges that stem from having a high IQ? Through her research and consulting work, Dr. Sonja Falck developed a model that suggests three general types of relational struggles for high IQ adults—and one broad way in which bright people can thrive.

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Finding Belonging Through Self-Knowledge One Family's Journey Through Profound Giftedness

Foske de Kruijf shares how her family’s journey through profound giftedness catalyzed connections in new communities and deepened her existing friendships.

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Remembering How to Be (Without Your Phone) An Interview with Anya Pechko of Project Be

To connect meaningfully, the most important thing we can give people is our time—without a phone constantly interrupting it. Consultant and coach Anya Pechko shares some striking insights on how to do this from her work with clients seeking to overcome digital addiction.

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What Goes Into Free Thought? An Interview with Dr. Marta Lenartowicz of the School of Thinking

Think you know how to think? The brand new School of Thinking at Vrije Universiteit Brussel is designed to teach students precisely this. Dr. Marta Lenartowicz sat down with Third Factor Magazine to tell us just what the School does—and offers you a few ideas to of areas to focus your own thinking, even if you can’t make it to Belgium for class.

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