Issue 11: A Look in the Mirror

What happens when you reflect on yourself—and then strive to see the world through another’s eyes? In his theory of positive disintegration, Kazimierz Dabrowski called this process “subject-object in oneself,” and said it’s essential for growth and reintegration.

In our March/April 2020 issue, we dive into this dynamism, with stories of how our intense, sensitive, truth-seeking authors confront hard truths about themselves, thereby growing and better understanding others.

Third Factor Reads: Transcend by Scott Barry Kaufman

Abraham Maslow extended a hand to Scott Barry Kaufman as he strove to grow as a human being. In TRANSCEND, Kaufman now extends that hand to us.

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A Look in the Mirror A Letter from the Editor for Issue 11

Our editor in chief introduces the March/April 2020 issue, featuring Dabrowski’s dynamism of subject-object in oneself and several articles that show it in action.

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Dabrowski’s Dynamisms: Subject-Object in Oneself

Dynamisms are the heart of the theory of positive disintegration. But what exactly did Dabrowski mean by that abstruse term, “subject-object in oneself?” Our editor explains this powerful process.

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From Hiding HSP to Gifted Leader An Interview with Imi Lo of Eggshell Therapy and Coaching

Emotional sensitivity and intensity can be a gift—but only if you’ve learned how to manage it. Imi Lo of Eggshell Therapy and Coaching shares her thoughts on how to stop hiding from the world and from your own emotions, overcome toxic shame, and make your best effort to find belonging.

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Journey to the East Disintegration and Reintegration as an Expat, Part I

Max arrived in China as a listless if integrated young man. Then it gave him the chance to witness true moral courage, starting him on the path to positive disintegration.

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Escaping the Cage of Intellectualism

Benita thought her intellect would keep her safe. Then it failed her spectacularly. Was she using it wrong – or was there something she was missing?

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