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  1. Creativity as a Collective Activity

    Krystyna Laycraft tells the story of founding a school in Poland after the collapse of Communism, showcasing the role of individual choices within meaningful relationships.

  2. The Creative Intelligence Agency A Conversation with a CIA Creativity Instructor

    The Central Intelligence Agency isn’t the sort of place that draws a lot of self-described “creative spirits.” But according to the 9/11 Commission, their presence is sorely needed. How can the CIA—and other highly convergent, formal bureaucracies—best make use of those employees who feel like square pegs in round holes?

  3. How to Thrive in Our Dopaminergic Society—and Maybe How to Rescue It An Interview with the Authors of The Molecule of More

    Dopamine is about making the future better than the present. That makes contentment hard for dopaminergic people—which includes those people we call gifted and creative—to find contentment. Is there anything we can do about it? Jessie sat down with the authors of The Molecule of More to get their take.

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