Issue 12: Upward

In our May/June 2020 issue, we take a look at how we might get “there” — whatever that higher place is that we aspire to reach. We share some stories of people who have done it, look at how they did it, and stir up some of our own assumptions in the hope that it might spur us toward growth.

Looking Up A Letter from the Editor for Issue 12

Editor-in-Chief Jessie Mannisto introduces Issue 12: Upward, our May/June 2020 release.

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Transcending Labels An Interview with Scott Barry Kaufman

Scott Barry Kaufman knows a lot about the labels bright, quirky people often stick upon themselves. In this interview with Third Factor’s editor in chief, he suggests we might be missing something much more important.

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The Bumpy Journey to Better

Do you ever find yourself frustrated with other people’s lack of striving? Of caring? Selena Ng reflects on that feeling—and how she’s tried to transcend it through a delicate balance of acceptance and change.

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The Positive Disintegration of Maria Sklodowska Curie, Part I: Developmental Potential

You surely know all about the scientific accomplishments of Madame Curie. But did you know that her childhood was teeming with the intensity a fellow Polish scientist would dub “overexcitability?”

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Challenging the Culture of Competition

We’ve been led to believe competition helps us excel. But if we look at its evolutionary function, says Dr. Roland Persson, we see a much more complex picture.

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When the G-Word Gets in the Way

For some, the word “gifted” can be a life preserver. Once they’re back on dry land, however, it will surely serve them best to hang it up.

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