Benita Jeanelle, Contributor

Benita Jeanelle is a writer, sailor, and permaculture enthusiast from Annapolis, Maryland. She especially enjoys connecting with people and learning how things work.

Articles by Benita Jeanelle

  1. Is the Sky Blue Because It’s Gifted?

    Benita thought she had found the secret to belonging. But was “giftedness” really the answer to the questions she sought to ask at the Gifted Adults Meetup?

  2. Escaping the Cage of Intellectualism

    Benita thought her intellect would keep her safe. Then it failed her spectacularly. Was she using it wrong – or was there something she was missing?

  3. Which One of These Things IS Like the Other?

    Benita was convinced she was weird, so when she met people who thought they had things in common with her, she set them straight. But then she started to feel lonely….

  4. Can You Tell You Are Wrong About You? A Cautionary Tale Against Self Diagnosis

    Benita diagnosed herself with autism and dyscalculia. With her track record as an expert professional analyst, it was unfathomable to her that she could be wrong.

  5. Getting Acquainted with a Stranger

    From her earliest days as an intense, gifted girl, Benita Jeanelle spent her life trying to be who she was expected to be, and to achieve what she was supposed to achieve—until it caused her very personality to fragment.